The Final Buzz

Before the NewTrack assignment, I had already been keeping up with BuzzFeed on a daily basis. Not so much the news side of it, but the entertainment side. Scrolling through FaceBook allowed me to waste time clicking on all the articles with irresistibly interesting titles and featured images, instead of doing actual work. In the… Read More The Final Buzz

It’s okay BuzzFeed, we’ll stay for the videos

BuzzFeed has done an amazing job of building their brand as a continuously updating hub for entertainment. Listicles, short and long videos dominate on FaceBook and on the BuzzFeed websites, but as discussed before, long-form news with data doesn’t makes the cut. Finding a data visualization story requires intense digging, only to come up short.… Read More It’s okay BuzzFeed, we’ll stay for the videos


On April 3rd, Boston University’s Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center hosted a screening and panel about how masculinity fits in with the #MeToo Movement. The first part of the event screened the Masculinity in Crisis? episode of “#MeToo, Now What?” Zainab Salbi, humanitarian and editor, hosts this 5-part PBS series that aired in February,… Read More #MeTooandMasculinity