On April 3rd, Boston University’s Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center hosted a screening and panel about how masculinity fits in with the #MeToo Movement.

The first part of the event screened the Masculinity in Crisis? episode of “#MeToo, Now What?” Zainab Salbi, humanitarian and editor, hosts this 5-part PBS series that aired in February, and features different guests every show to discuss various topics relating to the #MeToo Movement. This episode featured guests Mychal Denzel Smith, Dr. Michael Kimmel, and John Fugelsang.

The last part of the event took the form of a panel led by Max Greenberg, PhD. Takeo Rivera, PhD. LB Moore, M. Ed. Questions were asked by host of the event, Nathan Brewer, a crisis counselor for SARP.

For a full list of the questions and selected responses, check out my Twitter Moment, linked below.

More importantly, after the event ended, Brewer stressed that the conversation was not over, and students could continue to participate using the hashtag #BUSAAW on Twitter.


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