Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!

Being that Buzzfeed, as we know by now, is divided in two sectors: Entertainment and News. The two parts of Buzzfeed cover very different areas in the media; the news side can cover anything from a Sarah Sanders press conference regarding the deaths of Alton Sterling and Stephon Clark, to the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower. The entertainment side talks about Jeremy Meeks, the 2014 “Hot Felon” of Twitter expecting his first child, or what the whole Twitterverse really wants to know, #WhoBitBeyoncé.

One constant, however that the two sites share one common way of pushing out content and news: Twitter. Buzzfeed has their own websites (News, Entertainment, Tasty, etc.) to post their articles and videos, but for many people, like myself and my classmates, Twitter is our main form of getting information and news. This is not to say that we go on Twitter and get our news in the form of memes, no, we follow actual news organizations and platforms like The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, The Boston Globe, NPR, and even Buzzfeed.


Twitter proves to be the most efficient, in terms of speed and quantity, way to push out content, even if it isn’t a full length article or video, a lead or gif can usually do the trick at first. Then more can be added, be it in a follow up thread, or entirely new tweet. Since Twitter is updated every second someone either tweets or retweets something on your timeline, you have the power to refresh whenever you want. Although as of January 2018, Twitter has 330 million users  while Facebook has 2.16 billion users, the brevity and constancy of Twitter makes it an ideal platform to get news for those constantly on their phones and on the go.

So Buzzfeed and organizations like it use this to their advantage when publishing breaking news, in whatever form they see fit.


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