Is it better to live-watch or relive the Super Bowl?

The best part of major events happening in the world, is getting to relive them through memes and commentary. Luckily for us, Buzzfeed is a master of procuring both in neat listicles.

For the Super Bowl, Buzzfeed chose to highlight the most awkward things that happened during the big game.  Formatting the article in a list format makes it easy to read no matter how many components there are. Readers can scroll past the points they don’t want to read, or click on the links provided at their leisure.

Of the 14 moments in the article, five include tweets from Twitter users, two Gifs, and direct links to videos on YouTube and other Buzzfeed articles.

My favorite moment was a incredulous tweet showing a five-second clip of Tom Brady fumbling an easy catch during the first quarter of the game.

The article goes on to list moments from the half time show, and the super bowl ads. Some were odd but harmless, like the Squarespace commercial featuring Keanu Reeves.

But one in particular sparked a flame on Twitter due to its problematic use of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Drum Major Instinct” sermon. 


It’s always nice to be a part of the action and watch/experience live, but re-watching/reliving gives us an opportunity to critique and enjoy all over again.


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